Our Services:

KA EduAssociates, a Mumbai-based educational management company, is co-founded by two award-winning educators, Gitika Kishanchandani and Fatima Agarkar. A rich Think Tank of professionals, experienced across national and international curricula, work towards creating multiple platforms for effective teaching and learning practices through customised training courses and online professional development courses. Alongside, we also conduct tailor-made parenting workshops to keep them up to date with 21st century parenting, and workshops for students from Nursery up to Grade 12, covering a range of topics from academics and life skills to career planning.
KA EduAssociates brings ‘Spirit and Soul’ and ‘Knowledge and ‘Application’ into a common vision and aims to create a pan India impact.

Portfolio of Services:

Professional Development Certified Courses for Teachers  (Face-to-face/Online)

Customized Workshops for Schools

Curriculum Development and Restructuring

Consulting Services

Student Workshops

Parenting Workshops

School Audits

Teacher Training Hubs as Centres of Excellence for Group Schools

Corporate and Individual Social Responsibility Projects