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Edfinity is a US-based, educational company headquartered in Palo Alto, California in close proximity to Stanford University. They make transformative educational products accessible to students and educational institutions across the world.
The Edfinity operations and advisory team comprises accomplished educators and social entrepreneurs with affiliations to various educational institutions.
Mike Clapper (Oxford University, Chief Mathematician – Australian Mathematics Trust)
Dr. James Tanton (Ph.D Princeton University, Mathematical Association of America)
Dr. Shuchi Grover (Ed. M Harvard, Ph.D Stanford University)
Dr. David Wells (Former chair of the American Mathematics Competitions committee of the Mathematical Association of America)
Dr. Akshay Venkatesh (Ph.D Princeton University, Faculty at Stanford University)
Shivram V (Indian Institute of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
They partner with some of the world’s premier academic associations such as the Australian Mathematics Trust and the Mathematical Association of America with a long history of supporting academic enrichment and talent identification. For more details click here