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  • Course Duration
  • Assessment Self / Peer / Teacher
  • Certificate Yes
  • Language English
  • Lessons 12
  • Course Capacity 32

The Online Primary Teacher Training Course A explores the fundamental aspects of teaching  complex concepts to Secondary students in interesting and engaging ways. These modules introduce the participant to a deep understanding of  the content and skill expectations  from a Secondary teacher and establish  a strong pedagogical  base  while imparting easily implementable skills.

At KAEDU, we provide a comprehensive and specialized course structure for Kindergarten teacher training. Our modules are created with a combination of the best delivery techniques and advanced pedagogies for inculcating the necessary skills required by a professional educator.

We provide this training in enriching formats including demonstrations, illustrations, case studies, presentations, simulations, and field work for better understanding and clarity. We provide training programs in cities like Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi to serve the diversified needs of all learners. On completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate for desired career advancement.

Who can apply

  • Freshers who aspire to be teachers
  • Currently employed teachers looking for growth and furthering their knowledge and skills
  • Parents who would like to have a holistic view of child development

Course Eligibility

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English, HSC qualification
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Course Objectives

  • To equip teachers with necessary skills to cater to new-age learners
  • To introduce and enhance existing pedagogies
  • To facilitate transition from theory to practice for child- centric learning
  • To create unique, inquiry or project based, child-centric lesson plans for different subject areas and different age groups
  • To understand and apply different methods and materials (strategies and resources) for teaching-learning
  • To enhance the communication skills of teachers and provide them with applicable techniques to communicate with children, parents and colleagues
  • To gain an understanding of syllabus/ curriculum expectations as global benchmarks, for different age and developmental groups
  • To empower teachers with immediate implementation of module content
  • To share and learn from anecdotal evidence from a wide-ranging data bank of real life experiences
  • To learn various techniques of formative and summative assessments in schools

Delivery Method

All modules will include a well thought out combination of different delivery techniques, a few of which are listed below:

  • audio-visuals
  • group work
  • demonstrations
  • handouts
  • presentations
  • case studies
  • internet links
  • individual assignments and reports
  • role plays and simulations
  • micro-teaching
  • sharing of best practices
  • field work (exposure to an actual school environment)

Course Modules Method

Early Learning Years Lesson Plan